What is Paypal?

New business owners if you are not familiar with Paypal then you truly have been under a rock. Paypal has been around nearly 20 years and was once a payment vehicle for eBay.

Paypal is a financial services company that provides money transfers between individuals and businesses. Keep in mind Paypal is not a bank and it doesn’t tout to be and as such Paypal isn’t managed like a bank. It doesn’t have to follow bank rules and provides and quick and easy service for anyone to get started.

Paypal was doing so well it divested from eBay and is not a stand-alone company. It touts have over 17 million customers and is considered to be one of the leaders in money transfers in the world. Paypal allows two individuals or entities to transfer between each other for a fee. The process is simple and allows the comprehensive security of the transfer to ensure the other party gets their money.

Here is the comprehensive list of services

  • Allows any business to accept almost any kind of payment.
  • Can all your firm to accept checks, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, gift certificates, etc.
  • Provides transfer payment services between entities
  • Allows anyone with a checking account to transfer to and from the checking account.
  • Provides the ability to accept different forms of payment all through one payment portal including, credit cards, and American Express and even digital checks.
  • Collect money from people who don’t have a Paypal account.
  • Helps small business create, issue and collect professional invoices.
  • It integrates with just about every e-commerce solution and most financial accounting software packages.
  • Has added credit services to allow patrons to pay over time.
  • Provides working capital for more substantial business to help with stocking inventory, purchase equipment, expand operations or cover expenses.
  • Paypal allows for in-person payment.
  • Provide convenient apps and technology solutions for any individual or size business.
  • Easy setup and integration across multiple eCommerce platforms.
  • Paypal has an individual version and a business version with different features.

To your success on the next level,

The NexLevel Team